Thursday, June 19, 2008

Instant Dinner - Spontaneous Culture in Malmö - Sunday, 22nd of June

By URBAN PASSION (Berlin - København)
Djawed Kimouche - Martin Schwegmann - Martin Søberg - Peter Bjerg
Date: Sunday 22. June 2008
Place: Kristianstadsgatan, Malmö
Time: 13 hours (first planners meeting)
dinner starts at 18pm

We come to malmö to prepare a dinner with everybody who wants to join us. Everybody can contribute! The idea is to start a spontaneous collective action with people we never met before - Come and Join us!
We are a group of passionate urbanists!. With "Instant Dinner" we wish to enhance the involvement of people in their urban context and raise the awareness for the potentials and the limits of spontaneous urban culture.

How to participate: You could join Urban Passion in the process during the day or you could just show up with food, drinks, good friends, music, furniture, candles etc.. to share with the