Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stadtsafari 2010

participatory youth project initiated by nomadisch grün/prinzessinnen gärten

Stadtsafari 2010 was a participatory youth project within the framework of the ExWoSt scheme of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development. The project was conceptualized and initiated by nomadisch grün (g)Gmbh - the makers of Prinzessinnengärten, a well known urban gardening project in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

The idea was to find a way of involving young grown-ups actively into the shaping of their neighborhood, their city - to show that the city is something they can involve in actively. The catalysator or tool for interaction and involvement was a mobile youth club in the shape of a self build container made in the measurements of a standard office container made out of a wooden frame structure.

In order to connect to young people in the neighborhood of Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg, Berlin, we contacted both formal and informal institutions such as schools, sport clubs, theater initiatives, a skater group, the street university and many more.
                                                         photo: m.clausen

The project team:
Bianca Schemel, Documentation
Christobal Muhr, Construction Expert
Esra Cosansu, Junior Guide
Florian Walter, Construction Expert 
Inci Güler, Cultural Coordination and Programming
Jascha Vogel, Construction Expert
Jonathan Aikins, Junior Guide
Julia Schumann, Assistant
Julian Arons, Construction Expert
Marco Clausen, Manager nomadisch grün
Martin Schwegmann, Project Leader
Mary Njeri, Junior Guide
Okan Akogul, Junior Guide
Philipp Farmer, Construction Expert
Rob Andjelkovic, Junior Guide
Robert Shaw, Manager nomadisch grün
Rosmarie Köckenberger, Project Leader
Sasun Sayan, Junior Guide

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