Friday, February 29, 2008

Urban Pioneers

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Urban Passion and Metapol published an article about "Zwischennutzung" in the danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen.

Urban Passion und Metapol publizieren Artikel über Zwischennutzung in der dänischen Wochenzeitung Weekendavisen.

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The berlin based landscape architect Klaus Overmeyer, founder of urban catalyst studio, released a book for the senate for urban development of berlin about the temporary users and uses of buildings and lots, which he calls urban pioneers. He discusses the possibilities and potentials of these informal players for the development of a vibrant and sustainable city. We interviewed him and asked for the actual situation in Berlin and how he compares it to other european cities, which developments he detects.

Further we interviewed Jan Lilliendahl Larsen, part of urban task force/ copenhagen and doing a phd on "urban recycling", and asked him about the situation and potentials for temporary use in copenhagen.

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